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Just sit right there and READ my BLOG!
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Website and some recent fine art nudes.

Sin City -LAS VEGAS, NV- is my new home, studio and work place

Let me make you a picture you will love for the rest of your life!

While my commercial site remains www.wickbeavers.com, I am announcing new fine art site!

www.wickbeaverspictures.com is my NEW Fine Art site.

For a long time, I fiddled with the idea of including this work on my commercial site under a "PERSONAL" folder, but so many friends and amateur advisors rejected the idea.

I took them up on separating the nude stuff from my commercial portrait photography.

What do you think?

Sorceress en douche

Gaffney, SC rim light kicker

Air Express Delivery, Wolf  Manor, Indianapolis

Hanging Girl, Taos, NM

After Modigliani, Reclining Nude, Ranchos, NM

Have a great week and don't forget to comment!



Monday, March 9, 2015

Back to New Mexico, Taos Photographer Wick Beavers brings his cool eclectic style to Fine (er) Art

This summer, there will be an exhibition Gallery Opening here in Taos of my work.
John Prima, formerly with the Gargosian Gallery, will curate.
Richard Princess will give the opening Welcome talk.
Space is reserved so please order your entrance passes asap (they are free and come with as much wine as makes you appreciate the work).
All welcome but space in the Old Town Taos pueblo gallery is limited.
Wick Beavers Taos Photographer

For website and more info, click here: Wick Beavers Taos Photographer

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bob Redford and Me, an Interview...

Bob and I

my interview and intimate portrait session with Bob Redford

EXCLUSIVE: next film working titled "Roberta Robert"

On the heels

of Robert Redford's stellar success in his new movie, "All is Lost", Bob and I sat down for a heart to heart- his feelings on success, life, age, acting, Hollywood, love, money and sailing alone around the world- the meat and potatoes of a great star's life in full.

Bob comes to my house in full Transgender gear. A twisted Marlon Brando, Robert deNiro snicker-snarl on his old cracked up face... slight Indian Ocean tan fading.

WB: Thanks for doing this, Bob. Great to see you again. Man, it's been a long time... Lotsa flyfishing, film festing, growing up... little fun, too, no? You a Josh Slocum fan now, for sure.

RR: Hell Wick, same here, man, great to see you too. You're really zoning into your work lately, great to see. Thrilled you're gonna be snappin' a few pictures herein. As for fun, are you kidding me? I am now rich enough to get any girl I want- you WERE right, they all got a fuckin price- I still love what I do, and I am thinking after a few minutes of holding my breath under the Indian Ocean I am totally fired up about exploring this script I've been working on for the last couple of years...

WB: How fun! Any surf in Sumatra you can let us in on? Point breaks? I was gonna ask -once the ice was broken- and we got through your gab on "All is Lost", we'd move into your next thing... So what shakes, my boy?

RR: As I was saying...

WB: Hold on, Roberto, your expression- it looks great, and in this early late afternoon october Newport light, I gotta grab my camera. You mind?

RR: Dude, work your magic. I'll sign a release if I can get one from marketing to use on the trailer or poster or something?

WB: You rock. No problemo. Snap snap...

a photo of Bob, from the right rear...

RR: Wick, let me see that picture. Not sure you can use anything frontal without talking to my PR guy. Is that cool? Let me see that.

WB: Nope, against the rules, Bobby. I never let anybody see the pictures til they're run through the post processing machine... So, as I was asking, what gives with your new flick?

RR: You know how Hollywood chops every little bit of meat up, runs it through a fucking beechwood blender? Like you start with a fine New York Cut, and run it through the hamburger machine? Well, when I was out in Sumatra, and I was the ONLY guy out there, me and the boat, you know, out in the middle of the fucking Indian Ocean on the other end of the cameras? I began to have a rhythmic thing happening every night I went back to the Royal Kulubati, over and over, like the rolling knock down of my old girl Virginia Leigh- it's only me, it's only me. Like a Hindu mantra, I'm buzzing, it's only me, it's only me. I mean I took full responsibility for that film- coulda died, flopped, gone to hell, or triumphed- "it's only me".  So I wake up one morning, put on my Timberland fleece and say to myself- out loud, dude!- it's only me. So, I'm reading the script I wrote about 10 years ago about my pal Harry who recently went down to the the  banks of River Styx in all his glory with the HIV virus, and decide, nay, DECLARE! I'm gonna do this thing- I AM THE CASTING DIRECTOR. I AM THE PRODUCER. I AM THE DIRECTOR. I AM THE SCRIPT WRITER. I AM THE ACTOR. I AM THE PHOTOGRAPHER. I AM THE EDITOR. I AM THE MARKETING AGENCY. THIS IS REALLY ME, man!
Christ, Wick (and you know a Mormon don't wear magic undies unless he is fucking committed right?)
"I take full responsibility! I am my next film!!

WB:  Totally, dude. Man, did they let you blow some steam on that last movie? I thought you'd be sailing high on the reviews, Oscar Time, my man?

RR: I had to lose some weight and do some pull ups for All Is. Not a lot of Carbs in Sumatra, Wicko... So, since this next flick is about a guy coming out and doing the fuckin BIG SWAP- jewels for snatch and titties, I think, nay, I says- Now is DA TIME! Bingo, like the 8 ball heading for the corner pouch, we are rocking it. It's happening, it's cooking on all burners... and after so.

Well here is another Photo op. I grab a picture of Bob, who of course, has to send everything through his own PR machine. They reject everything I shoot that is face time, so I just get permish to publish Bobby in Trannie gear from BEEE Hind. "Hinnie" I say to Bob and he laughs. Sunshine?? You bet.

"Into the Closet", the working name of Bob's next film, Bobby adorned and fucking skinnnneee

WB: Transgender... Now that is fucking I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G. And no SAG, no Hollywood, no nothing but YOU! Fly it high brother! In production, my man?

RR: Fucking right. You know, Wick... why we're pals is cuz we live (by, sic) the same rules- own your shit! Okay, I'm riled (I love YOU man, but I hate interviews, I'd rather be shredding at Sundance). So take a wild one and guess- where you think we're shooting it?

WB: (smiles wryly) Duh, you old geezer- YOUR place. Okay okay, we're on the same page, histrionically speaking... But pray tell- what gives with this crazy cool idea of your next "It Is You, you it aint", movie, man?

RR: Okay, better snap me again, cuz I ain't letting this cat out of the bag and NO, YOU fucking can't use my mormon ass cracked face on the blog until my producer (me), gets permission from my film's legal (me) to speak to the director (me) and the writer (me) and marketing (me) as to whether or not we can go public with the only actor's (me) face attached to outside marketing (YOU, you bastard). Blog or not, ducky!

WB: You really hold your breath that long? Ha ha... You miss brother Paul?

RR: ( a few garbled words, some sputtering and the interview ends as Bob finally ejects: "Fuck off, bitch dog!"


I snap the last picture from our time together...
Bobby lost enough weight on his last film, "All Is Lost", his mantra has become:

"Use it, Babe, Nay Flaunt Eeet!"

Postscript: Bob enjoyed overwhelming success for his last movie, "All Is Lost", but most of my sailing friends took issue with several things that seemed "wrong":
1) *
2) **
3) ***
4) ****
5) *****

Even my pal Gretchen, a set designer, tells me Bob wears at least 3 different brands and tones of khakis the first day on set. Please, Bob, if you had a hand in this, take it by the fucking horns!

The author wishes to thank the Robert Redford Foundation for allowing this interview to be published.

*, **, ***, ****, ***** cannot divulge, as promised to Bobby, until film goes to Netflix.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diversity Complexity Dynamism Humanity Art

Regarding your Work...

las hermanas de luz

Lately, I left the (rather presumptuously named) tiny town of Silver City, New Mexico- no work, no money if they wanted my work, that part of the planet is drying up, and my girl and I parted ways- heading to a more photo buying centric spot that is 1) fun, 2) habitable, 3) profitable, 4) respectful.

Respectful? Why Respectful?

In one year and some few months, the only good work/moolah I got close to, was shooting a campaign for the state tourism board. Within hours of signing contracts, post a couple of weeks of firing emails back and forth and a long round trip up to the state capital in Santa Fe, I was nomered a pornographer and the whole deal falls through. I really gotta say it like a New Yawkah: "so, da whole deal falls true". So much for New Mexico True and my stay in the high desert southwest- NEXT!

But I digress...

For the photograph above, I assume, since it was gandered at/ogled by the state of New Mexico's email filters and then presumably judged to be "pornographic" by the state filter's human verification eyeballs, most likely a human bean with more than likely a catholic/hispanic heritage (since they judge me, I get to do the same, right?), I am trown out wid da bath watah.

Some things political just stick in my craw- like Gitmo, for instance. It seems to me our great country, founded on the belief we are all equal and deserve the right to a fair -and timely- trial should the shit hit the fan, has dropped the ball here. There are people who were turned in by their girlfriend's father so they'd leave the girl to the father's marital discretion. Iraquis were paid 10x their annual income to "report terrorists" and to deliver names. For that amount of cash, I'd report YOU as a terrorist, dear reader.

Or how about water boarding, torture and the international laws we patriotically uphold? It is, according to the Geneva Convention, illegal to torture a captive. But W and Dick were able to mince words around and title 'captives' taken in the War of Terror as terrorists, not as enemy combatants and then audaciously claim water boarding was not torture (did Dick try it?). They performed these inquisitions in what we now know are called Black Sites by the CIA.

CIA black site

So I land in this little village, an historic spanish mission, called San Lorenzo, about 30 miles east of Silver City and immediately begin to smell the flavor of the place- I love it. There is indeed a certain je ne sais quoi about New Mexico, in general, southwestern NM, specifically. It gets into your head and soul and lends itself to pushing sensibilities further southwest into impassioned creativity. Yeah yeah, I know... And I start shooting my mind's eye and my portfolio becomes richer ...as I go down the tubes financially.

help is on the way

But it sure is fun! So, I always wonder about extremists, fundamentalism and how can anybody call themselves faithful to peace and love- god, right?- and pull such horrific acts in the name of... allah, god, jesus, buddha? They can't, but they do and that's not very godly to me. It's a great contradiction which would make a great photograph. So in this little mission village there's a time of year (Easter, I think) when the members of the centuries old church of San Lorenzo do their penitence- unlike some other places where this is a VERY MUCH MORE SERIOUS COMMITMENT TO YOUR FAITH, these folk get their mothers to drive their ubiquitous pickups, emergency lights ablaze, behind them as they walk/strain 2 miles to the church. Hey this is not an extreme form of penitence, it's cute. I say hi as they walk past into the village on their and their trip's last legs. Fritos y cerveza, por favor!

I google "penitentes" and find there are a few sects of seriously extreme brothers of the catholic church up around Taos, whom, at least in the '50's, were doing some real penitence stuff- like flagellating each other with saguaro cacti, dancing around bleeding in little hollows up some unnamed canyons, culminating with nailing each other to crosses and hanging on them until they passed out and were taken down- bloody and expired. Book worthy stuff. But way too nasty for las hermanas... so, of course, it begs the questions, leading me into my next photo shoot (see las hermanas de luz, above). I round up some local "faithful" and shoulder my home made cross up Boston Hill, overlooking WNMU and the town of Silver City and the girls start splattering "blood" on each other... Anyone on an evening walk with their dog fled back to whence they came seeing a very strange religious orgy underway. Which was exactly what the brothers up in the north part of the state used to -and maybe still- do.

Some pictures of the "brothers" up around Espanola and Taos

Next thing I know, I meet up with the NM state tourism board who claim they love my work and we begin the process of nailing down licenses and money and bam, I am back up there to the third paragraph.

Okay, so what do you think, folks? I'm going to shoot naked and bleeding girls on crosses for a family ad campaign? Richard Avedon shot Nastassj Kinski naked under the belly of a big (BIG) python. He's gonna go on assignment to shoot Henry Kissinginger and brings the snake along- drop 'em Henri!
Or huh: Nadav Kandar's beautiful portraits of mostly nude prostitutes? He's gonna go to the White House and shoot Obama's new team for Time magazine starkers / sans vetements?

Just because I am moving in 6 directions, like most of us thinking and awake human beans, meansI am bringing nudity and my commentary on black site torture to your little beauty campaign?

Please. If you want a mono-minded dullard, shoot by the numbers high school prom snap shooter that only Mommy could enjoy, keep it simple and go with one. You want a little complexity, a little darkness and dynamism? How bout real? Get a shooter who is complicated and whoa aint afraid to show it. Even if it's for your daughter's bah mitzvah.

As always, have a great week and if you need a little respite from the usual, please feel free to check out my work where a few nude or semi nude people are inter strewn with some more deadpan and serious beauty or editorial portraits: Wick Beavers Photographer

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Las Hermanas de Luz or... why should guys get all the fun?

Las Hermanas de Luz, Silver City, NM

There are these group of small fanatical sects of fundamentalist catholics typically residing in the wilds of hispanic usa (NM,AZ, SoCal) who perform self flagellation and cross hangings whilst in the throes of Religious psycho adulation.
They are always men.
I found a small group of women, practicing their art living near Silver City, NM.
I snuck up on them, got real close- they never once diverted their attention or eyes towards me they were so enraptured-and shot this photograph...
They immediately pulled the woman down and tried to attack me. I ran off wondering...
Was it lust? Was it sin? Was it religion?
Happily, safe back in my studio now, I can only wonder.
And have faith that my new friends are carrying on in their normal lives as clerks, secretaries and waitresses.

For a view of more of this fanatically fun, zealously cool stuff, please visit my site: www.wickbeavers.com

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

a day at white sands...

my girl and i hit the gypsum at 4pm October. winds blew 30mph consistently, the sand fired everywhere.
weston, okeefe, adams, porter and of course, chala, the girl.
9/11 jumpers meet monterey dunes
woman in denim, yankee street

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Roun Heeya, a New Mexico Photo Postcard

San Lorenzo, NM

white sands, nm

roun heeya, there's a lot of smoke, dry earth and rock. lots o sky. and light.
not much h2o...

city of rocks, nm

not a lot of yer typical big city model types, no $ for advertising, hardly enuff for anything else either
so what's a snapper to do when the trigger finger really starts to burn?

use it

gila cliff dwellings, nm

the town that had great expectations of being something bigger, silver city, puts on an impressive bike tour every year in May...TOG (tour of the gila)

90 degree right hander, downtown san lorenzo, nm

then, the local characterful buildings, edifices and shacks can stand in for the usual hi contrasty modern urban scapes seen in so many tired fashion snaps...

well, stand is indeed a euphemism.
By habit rather. Rabbit hather?

cia black site discovered in small shed, nm

or you might visit a senior center middle of some valley,
beg to fire at some time worn and happy folk

apache elder, francesca vestri, mimbres valley, nm

and shoot, dang, spit and whittle ride that bull when the rodeo hits town

bull fighter, as they now call themselves, tossed, silver city wild west pro rodeo, nm

Maybe take yer preferred armor and some battery powered strobes to the next little dinner party
they'll not invite you back, but at least there's a brief sense of relief!

hans at the werber place, east fork, gila, nm

and if it so happens jesus, allah, buddha and vishnu all conspire to light the whole place up with the state's biggest wildfire ever?
Find yourself a promontory and stand around in the 95 degree heat amongst the scorpions, vinegaroons and rattle snakes to make 45 pictures at 22 mpix each into an HDR Photomerged native high rez 10 foot wide picture of the place alight!

wildfire, west side gila wilderness ablaze, near mogollon, nm

i'm beginning to enjoy this place even if all this and more is freely available.
open up them peepers cuz there's a world to snap roun heeya.

wherever you are.

check out my site for the latest cool pictures and feel free to get ahold of me at wick at wickbeaversdotcom

Hasta la Vista youngsters

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mango Strut Coconut Grove Putting the Nut back in Mango (or something)

Mango Strut Street Portraits

The day began with trepidation, excitement and a mild 78 degree breeze here in Coconut Grove.
If you put your ear to any tree (preferably coconut) in Miami Dade, you might hear the stirrings of a band member wirelessly dialed to a mobile amp, a princess or a wall street pot or tunity lurking in his head on wheels. Smiles and flip flop flipping, too, were coming to a confluence, the best $3 hamburger cookers lighting up, kids of all ages from all over glomming into the Grove for this year's annual running of the mildly fractured Mango Strut.
The various paradeers, announcers and security officiants (or are they paradeers, too? I mean, what if there's a stick up at Moe's Bar and one of these fonay security people is called upon to shoot back... with a cardboard gun?? I felt insecure in the fog of security these days in which we live).
But 5 mpix in hand, I used the phone- armed with Hipstamatic's Libatique lens and Salvador film- with periodic false caller dialing in to give the portrait poacher iPhone 4 a more realistic look and sound to the unwary subjects close up and familiar with cloistering humans cell phone jammed in their ear.
Herein is a look at how the politically incorrect and mostly irreverent and comedic Mango Strut looked to be seen by us, the Public of Coconut Grove and points afar and away...

~Happy New Year~
Wick Beavers Photographer

LIGHTSTALKERS where in the world are you and what the hell are you doing there??